Brixia Shotguns


Who we are

BRIXIA SHOTGUNS SRL is a family-owned company, created from the vision of the new generation of a craftsman’s family with a 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing of precision mechanical parts for weapons.

Founded in 2012 in Gardone Val Trompia, historically known for the best Firearms Companies in the world, BRIXIA SHOTGUNS SRL believes that innovation springs from tradition.

Primarely focused on quality, we base our work on integrity and trust, offering a 100% Made in Italy excellence.


What we do

We manufacture and deliver 100% MADE IN ITALY firearms in the world, boasting a wide range of products to meet every need of shooters and hunters.

Driven by ambition and expertise, we set out to create a factory capable of delivering weapons in all their parts, providing a varied choice of semi-automatic shotguns with gas operating system, Pump Action shotguns with magazine up to 7 shots, top of the line over and under shotguns in every caliber and pistols.

Thanks to a selected network of suppliers, BRIXIA SHOTGUNS SRL sources the best materials and forges top quality weapons, cooperating with some of the most important internationally recognized brands.

Our mission is to guarantee reliability, precision and strength for a full satisfaction and safety of our clients, achieving these through craftsmanship, advanced technology and quality control.


Our products

BRIXIA SHOTGUNS SRL is a young and innovative company, always on the move and in constant development, nonetheless keeping its roots deeply grounded in the history of the firearms manufacturing.

A hothouse of ideas that gives life to a variety of models to suit every taste, from the most simple and essential “Essenza” to the most traditional and luxurious “Lusso”.

Reliable weapons with a simple mechanic and a captivating design to ensure quality and results, in the best made in Italy tradition.

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